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Our Leadership Team

Tessa Clark, CAM - President

Interlaced Property Solutions’ President has over 11 years experience in Community Association Management in Northeast Florida. She has had the opportunity to work with the largest and some of the smallest associations in the area. She has experience working with Developer communities, recently turned over communities, oceanfront communities, managing the largest community in Northeast Florida (5800+ homes), as well as working with well-established and turning around poorly-established communities. Her experience with handling major construction projects includes roof collapses, major concrete spalling, water restoration, mold remediation and severe termite damage.

Tessa graduated in 2005 from ITT Technical Institute with a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Security. She holds a Certified Pool Operator License. Tessa understands the importance of education, technology and communication in effective management of community associations. With her experience and education, Tessa has been able to be an innovative source for new and effective ways to manage communities.


Patty Bennett, CAM – Vice President & CFO

Interlaced Property Solutions’ Vice President and CFO has over 12 years in Association accounting and 30 years experience in general accounting. Patty has previously served as the President and Treasurer of her own HOA for 9 years, in addition to being on the initial Board of Directors after Developer turnover.

Patty was born and raised in Connecticut. She graduated cum laude from Southern Connecticut State University in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Her career has been spent in several different industries, including public accounting, manufacturing, health care, transportation and property management. Being a working mother while completing her education has helped her hone her time management skills, and become more efficient with resources and procedures.

After relocating to Jacksonville in 2005, she realized that property management in Florida is an industry that has many niches. She has developed an efficient, seamless, customer orientated atmosphere with Tessa Clark at Interlaced Property Solutions, LLC.